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What happened in Minnesota?

ok, gather around….i’ve a  tale of victory to tell…

on saturday i wrote suzy, my vice-president, this:

“btw, i hope you are ready to move to another state if we win california’s popular vote…as chaney did! as if we have to worry about that happening. apparently we can’t have the same electors if we live in the same state…but only if we win in that state!

we only found out that absurdity today! it came up because yesterday we got an official letter from mn informing us they had rejected our forms in july to be write-in candidates [oh, btw,, the deadline to appeal is this week!] because the president and the vice president can’t be from the same state. this was the first time i heard that requirement…and obviously the other 24 states  that qualified us haven’t either! so we asked our ballot expert.  he was outraged. it’s bogus. we are challenging it! but then he told us about the elector rule! but never fear…if we win california, just move to d.c. early!”


this was the letter from the Elections Division of the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State, dated OCTOBER 17:

“Dear Mr. Moore,

Thank you for submitting the document, Written Request By Write-In Candidates for Federal and State Office.  Your document was received on July 1, 2008.

Your document has been rejected because, for the office of President and Vice President, the candidates must be residents of different states.


Nancy Breems
Elections Division
Office of the MN Secretary of State”

(The deadline for filing for write-in candidates is OCTOBER 29)

Included in the envelope were three other things:

1) a blank “Written Request By Write-In Candidates For Federal And State Office” form.  This is the form that we filled out and sent in to them.  It has a space for the name of the Vice-Presidential candidate, and says to print name and state of residence.  It does not say anything about the vice-presidential candidate needing to be from a different state.  

2) a print-out from the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State website —

It is titled:  “Presidential Ballot Access and Election Process”

We have read through this description of the qualifications and process for a candidate for President, and it makes no mention of the candidates for president and vice-president needing to be from different states.  In fact, there are other links on this page, including one that says:  “2008 Presidential Ballot Access Q&A”.
This also does not make any mention of this requirement.  

The “Presidential Ballot Access and Election Process” page lists the qualifications for President, and cites the Constitution:  “A person must be a natural born citizen of the United States, be at least 35 years of age, and have been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years to be qualified to be President of the United States. (The Constitution of the United States of America, Article II, Section 1)”

3) a glossy printed brochure from the Office of the Secretary of State, State of Minnesota.  
Inside, there is a section outlined in pen, under “Qualifications for Partisan Offices Elected in 2008:”

“President and Vice President: Candidate must be a natural born citizen, at least 35-years-old and a resident of the United States for 14 years.  Candidates for president and vice president must be residents of different states.”

It does not cite the Constitution here.  


 so we asked richard winger, the nation’s leading expert on ballot access, who has been helping us, what gives!

richard answered:

“This is outrageous.  Many people mistakenly think the US Constitution requires the president and vice-president to be from different states.  They are wrong.  The Constitution only says that electors from one state cannot vote for both president and vice-president for people who are from THAT STATE.  Furthermore, the 12th Amendment says “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves. Furthermore, in 2004, a Democratic elector from Minnesota did vote for someone for both president and vice-president from the same state.  One elector voted for John Edwards for both president and for vice-president.  Please get me a copy of the Minnesota letter.  I will denounce it!”


he and corey talked throughout the weekend. Richard advised us to call first thing Monday morning and talk to the woman who wrote the rejection letter from the MN Elections Division.  over the weekend richard posted this on his site, 

Minnesota Secretary of State Rejects Presidential Write-in Filing for Frank Moore
October 25th, 2008
Frank Moore is a write-in presidential candidate, who has been diligently attempting to file for declared write-in status in as many states as possible. He is likely to succeed in 25 states, which will probably be a record. However, on October 17, the Minnesota Elections Division rejected his write-in filing on 12th Amendment Grounds. The Minnesota Elections Division seems to not understand the 12th Amendment.
The letter says, “Dear Mr. Moore, thank you for submitting the document, Written Request by Write-in Candidates for Federal and State Office. Your document has been rejected because, for the Office of President and Vice President, the candidates must be residents of different states.”
This letter is mistaken for two completely separate reasons: (1) The 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not require presidential and vice-presidential candidates to reside in different states. The only restriction is that if a presidential and vice-presidential candidate do both live in the same state, they can’t both receive electoral votes from THAT state; (2) Even setting that point aside, the residence of the candidate for president and vice-president is only material in December of the election year, when the electors meet and vote. To illustrate, in 2000, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush both lived in Texas when they were nominated. After being nominated, Cheney changed his voter registration from Texas to Wyoming, so that both he and Bush would be able to receive the Texas electoral votes.
Ironically, in 2004 a Minnesota elector did vote for someone for president, and someone for vice-president, who lived in the same state, the state of North Carolina. One Democratic elector, for reasons unknown, voted for John Edwards for both president and for vice-president. Congress counted that electoral vote.
Another point is that Minnesota in the past has placed teams of presidential and vice-presidential candidates on the November ballot, even though both individuals lived in the same state. The Socialist Workers Party ticket consisted of a New Yorker for president, and a New Yorker for vice-president, in 1968, and that team appeared on the Minnesota ballot. In 1968, a New York challenge was filed against the SWP ticket on the grounds that both lived in that state, but the challenge was defeated. The case was Application of Horowitz, 294 NYS 2d 69, affirmed, 294 NYS 2d 988.


this generated outraged calls other than corey’s to mn. so when corey called mn early monday morning, the groundwork had been laid. after consulting with their own legal staff, mn reversed itself, admitting it was a mistaken interpretation! suzy and i are now qualitified in mn! it is amazing that our campaign has forced a few states to change their election policies!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dr. Richard Kerbavaz – How To Reform The Healthcare System – Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den

Recorded May 2, 2008.
Rich was Frank’s ENT doctor for over twenty years who became a dear friend. Frank called Rich one of his favorite people to be with.

This is the third time that Rich Kerbavaz was a guest on The Shaman’s Den. This was during the time that Frank was running for President of the U.S. He asked Rich to come on the show this time as a doctor who knew the medical system to compare Frank’s healthcare plan to the other major candidates at that time. This is the chart that we used on the show:

Compare Frank’s healthcare plan to those of John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

btw, Rich also took us on his yacht to help spread the word of the Campaign. What a fun adventure that was!!!

Presidential Campaign Cruise

The Return of Frank Moore

Here’s another one!

here is another one!  This is a good example of how “journalists” make shit up.  As we all know, I have two slogans.  I DELIVER and  I GET RESULTS.  I don’t think I ever said WE MEAN BUSINESS in my life.  But this DUDE made it up so he could put me down for saying it.  Very interesting! 

January 16, 2008 

8 Crazy Presidential Hopefuls You Have Never Heard of (and Why You Should Probably Vote for Them)

Ivan Sciupac | Bio

What kind of a sick, demented mind does it take to want to be President of the United States? Why would anyone spend months kissing babies, eating pancakes, and begging for money just to win the right to be vilified for 4, and if they’re lucky, 8, thankless years?

Luckily for us, there are plenty of crazy nutjobs who don’t mind selling their scruples to the highest bidder. Forget Clinton vs. Obama, McCain vs. Huckabee. Those candidates represent the status quo and one of them, in all likelihood, will be our next leader.

With only 293 days left until we elect our next president, you should instead turn your attention not to the ones with money and power, but to the lonely longshots of this race, the unsung Seabiscuits of politics, the deluded ones who, against all reason and common sense, have decided to “run” for the U.S. empire presidency (vote in the poll at the end of this post).

Frank Moore

Who is this guy?

 I think Moore is the only candidate who is not at least a little earnest about his candidacy. What tipped me off? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because his running mate, Dr. Susan M. Block, is into “erotic theater”. Or maybe it’s because he’s a performance artist who started his own political party and dubbed it “The Just Makes Sense Party”. Or maybe it’s because his slogan is “We mean business!” and I don’t trust anyone who means business.

Why should I vote for him?

 Not a bad choice, considering. Moore says he’ll give every American a minimum monthly income of $1,000/month and will make sure we all get to ride public transit for free. Moore also promises to “destroy” 10% of nuclear weapons every year. Probably by launching them at some asteroids.

Best reason he should lead our country.

 He would let all of us call him “dude”.

Read the original Huffington Post article:

Rafael-alexandre Ramos wrote:

Frank, you and Mikee got you on Wikipedia, don’t tell you can’t retaliate against those people ? 

You met people with dignity : those performance artist girls, I guess, curious mind, not rapists like the journalist you condemn. 

Don’t you get it ? You are your own scribe. OR, in your case, you have Alexis and Corey as scribes, writing about you, as journalists would and they are fuckin’ good at it ; no one has to know that they are part of the script.

Ledit RenArt is only one person and yet, it is pretended to be as if it was a group containing a scientist, a publicist, a writter,a philosopher, a programmer, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a electro-accoustic affiliated…

Name it, I’ll invent something : I’m a producer, director, actor, who cares. 

I’m whatever I wan’t to be and people are stupid enough to fall for it in general ( I tell you there is not much witty people in this World )

Fortunately, I protect myself by not having the time to achieve these endeavors fast, as I could easily be irresponsible with all of this ; yet, it’s a tactic…

Still believe I’m part of any government ? 🙂 I wish, j’aurais au moins la répartie de mon intelligence et de mon savoir en touchant un salaire, at least.

If you meet the feds, tell them to send both of us a check at our adress : we don’t teach in their Kennels for free, you know, hehehe 😉

Pour l’état de la Raison ; pour la raison d’Etat,


Frank Moore wrote:

I don’t do anything for money.  Of course I always will accept money.  And if somebody is making money off of the work I do, I want /get a cut.  But it is not a money thing.  We here pay for the art.  I know how to live well and do everything with what money we have.  And we here do live extremely well! 

Again I don’t look down on people, talk down to people.  I demand and expect high things of people.  That opens up possibilities! 

In Freedom,

Frank Moore  

we still are finding articles ….

we still are finding articles about our presidential campaign. And yes, my universal medical coverage did include dental!

Frank Moore

In 2008, a record year for nuts running for President, performance artist Frank Moore ran on a fairly radical platform of near-communism for the Just Makes Sense Party. Polish political ‘zine Aktivist had this to say about Moore: “Are you a US citizen? Love party and weed? Vote for Frank Moore!” Given that his running mate, Dr. Susan Block reportedly enjoys “erotic theater,” as well, we’ve formed a pretty clear picture of what their victory party might have looked like. His campaign poster makes us wonder if universal dental care is part of his platform, too.

Richard Winger wrote:

Ah Frank, it’s good to hear from you.

We still have hopes that the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, will eventually rule that write-ins for declared write-in presidential candidates must be counted. This is the Bob Barr case, of course.

Frank Moore wrote:
yes, most people think if they vote for a registered candidate, their votes will be counted. Seems basic! But it is not true. The elections are so rigged to keep the bi- part[ies] in power for ever!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore



Austin Wright wrote:

Mr. Moore,

I recently launched a website called Write the Vote, which tracks write-in campaigns nationwide. I found your write-in campaign website from 2008, and I’m wondering: Do you plan to run in 2012?

Thank you,

Austin Wright

Frank Moore replied:

hi, Austin! Well, I would need to be drafted! It was a very intensive two year journey . We do know That not all of the votes I received were counted. During the campaign, with the help of the national expert on ballot access issues Richard Winger, we forced several states to change their rules for write-in candidates. It was a very satisfying experience.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Richard Winger wrote:

We are still waiting for that U.S. District Court Judge in Washington DC to rule on whether the US Constitution requires write-in votes be counted in jurisdictions that permit write-ins, and even have a write-in filing procedures. The case was brought by Bob Barr. He filed as a declared write-in presidential candidate in 2008 in the District of Columbia, and the Board of Elections refused to count the votes for him. They say it is too much bother. This will be an important decision when it comes down.

Frank Moore wrote:

glad we were a part of the process!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Check this out!

A stripped amendment and a neutered bill

 Frank Moore wrote:
my presidential platform is  looking better and better!

On Thu, 10/29/09, Tim Carpenter for PDA wrote:

    From: Tim Carpenter for PDA
    Subject: A stripped amendment and a neutered bill
    Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 2:36 PM

    Forward this newsletter to a friend

    Act Now to Pressure “Management”
    Dear Dorothy,
    Today the House unveiled its healthcare reform package. And the news is all bad.
    The Kucinich Amendment, which would give the states a clear path for enacting their own single-payer legislation, was stripped from the bill.
    The Weiner Amendment, which would substitute the clean, clear language of HR 676 for the behemoth of a introduced, may not be given its vote in the House—in spite of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s promise.
    While single payer hangs in the balance, PDA will continue to fight for single payer at the state level. Meanwhile, we have a small window of opportunity to get the Kucinich Amendment back in the bill and to make sure that Speaker Pelosi follows through on her promise to allow a vote on single-payer—the first ever in the House.
    Democratic House leaders can insert what is called a “ Manager’s Amendment” into legislation, even when it is closed to any other amendments. The managers are the majority and minority members who “manage” debate for the bill on each side.
    Today, tomorrow, and beyond, we need to call these “managers” and insist that the Kucinich Amendment is restored into the healthcare bill. We also need to urge these leaders to exert pressure on Speaker Pelosi—and exert it on her ourselves—to follow through on her promise to put the Weiner Amendment to a vote.
    The “gang” that holds our future in their hands includes:

        * Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-4965; San Francisco office (415) 556-4862
        * Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-4131; Greenbelt office (301) 474-0119; Waldorf office (301) 843-1577
        * Rep. Henry Waxman: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-3976; Los Angeles office (323) 651-1040
        * Rep. Charles Rangel: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-4365; New York office (212) 663-3900
        * Rep. George Miller: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-2095; Concord office (925) 602-1880; Richmond office (510) 262-6500; Vallejo office (707) 645-1888

    It’s crucial for everyone in PDA to make these calls, to make them more than once, and to tell others to make these calls. Act NOW!
    In solidarity,
    Tim Carpenter, National Director
    Progressive Democrats of America is a grassroots PAC that works both inside the Democratic Party and outside in movements for peace and justice. Our goal in 2009: Work with and increase the progressive majority in Congress as we build on our 2008 electoral successes. PDA’s advisory board includes seven members of Congress and activist leaders such as Tom Hayden, Medea Benjamin, Thom Hartmann, Jim Hightower, and Rev. Lennox Yearwood.

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    thedatabank, inc.

Rafael-alexandre Ramos replied:
Hey Frank,
Are you saying you’re presenting yourself as a candidate for 2012 as well ? 🙂
If so, in good spirit, we’ll do another collage for that 🙂

Frank Moore replied:
well, I am like zorro!  I am there whenever I am needed!

28-hour day

Frank Moore said:
And we here have evolved in to a 28-hour day.

Jane Vincent replied:
You need to bring that up in 2012. I’ve always said I’d vote for anyone who could promise me more hours in the day…
How goes the novel?

Frank Moore replied:
well, you had your chance last time, Jane!  I would set up N.Y.C. time…
That is, like in N.Y.C., almost everything would be open around the clock.
This would create a lot of new jobs.  And it would give us time flex!

I have written nine chapters!

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