here is another one!  This is a good example of how “journalists” make shit up.  As we all know, I have two slogans.  I DELIVER and  I GET RESULTS.  I don’t think I ever said WE MEAN BUSINESS in my life.  But this DUDE made it up so he could put me down for saying it.  Very interesting! 

January 16, 2008 

8 Crazy Presidential Hopefuls You Have Never Heard of (and Why You Should Probably Vote for Them)

Ivan Sciupac | Bio

What kind of a sick, demented mind does it take to want to be President of the United States? Why would anyone spend months kissing babies, eating pancakes, and begging for money just to win the right to be vilified for 4, and if they’re lucky, 8, thankless years?

Luckily for us, there are plenty of crazy nutjobs who don’t mind selling their scruples to the highest bidder. Forget Clinton vs. Obama, McCain vs. Huckabee. Those candidates represent the status quo and one of them, in all likelihood, will be our next leader.

With only 293 days left until we elect our next president, you should instead turn your attention not to the ones with money and power, but to the lonely longshots of this race, the unsung Seabiscuits of politics, the deluded ones who, against all reason and common sense, have decided to “run” for the U.S. empire presidency (vote in the poll at the end of this post).

Frank Moore

Who is this guy?

 I think Moore is the only candidate who is not at least a little earnest about his candidacy. What tipped me off? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because his running mate, Dr. Susan M. Block, is into “erotic theater”. Or maybe it’s because he’s a performance artist who started his own political party and dubbed it “The Just Makes Sense Party”. Or maybe it’s because his slogan is “We mean business!” and I don’t trust anyone who means business.

Why should I vote for him?

 Not a bad choice, considering. Moore says he’ll give every American a minimum monthly income of $1,000/month and will make sure we all get to ride public transit for free. Moore also promises to “destroy” 10% of nuclear weapons every year. Probably by launching them at some asteroids.

Best reason he should lead our country.

 He would let all of us call him “dude”.

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Rafael-alexandre Ramos wrote:

Frank, you and Mikee got you on Wikipedia, don’t tell you can’t retaliate against those people ? 

You met people with dignity : those performance artist girls, I guess, curious mind, not rapists like the journalist you condemn. 

Don’t you get it ? You are your own scribe. OR, in your case, you have Alexis and Corey as scribes, writing about you, as journalists would and they are fuckin’ good at it ; no one has to know that they are part of the script.

Ledit RenArt is only one person and yet, it is pretended to be as if it was a group containing a scientist, a publicist, a writter,a philosopher, a programmer, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a electro-accoustic affiliated…

Name it, I’ll invent something : I’m a producer, director, actor, who cares. 

I’m whatever I wan’t to be and people are stupid enough to fall for it in general ( I tell you there is not much witty people in this World )

Fortunately, I protect myself by not having the time to achieve these endeavors fast, as I could easily be irresponsible with all of this ; yet, it’s a tactic…

Still believe I’m part of any government ? 🙂 I wish, j’aurais au moins la répartie de mon intelligence et de mon savoir en touchant un salaire, at least.

If you meet the feds, tell them to send both of us a check at our adress : we don’t teach in their Kennels for free, you know, hehehe 😉

Pour l’état de la Raison ; pour la raison d’Etat,


Frank Moore wrote:

I don’t do anything for money.  Of course I always will accept money.  And if somebody is making money off of the work I do, I want /get a cut.  But it is not a money thing.  We here pay for the art.  I know how to live well and do everything with what money we have.  And we here do live extremely well! 

Again I don’t look down on people, talk down to people.  I demand and expect high things of people.  That opens up possibilities! 

In Freedom,

Frank Moore