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Monday, October 22, 2007

Zany Third Parties, Part 3!

Here is the third portion of my running thread on some of the third party candidates running in 2008 that you likely know little about. If you missed part 1 and 2, there they are.

If you thought the previous round-ups were were made up of unelectable weirdos, just take a look at this week’s gang!

Frank Moore

Ahh, Frank Moore. What can you say about this guy? Quite a lot actually: Frank is a Bay Area mainstay who is a performance artist, poet, essayist, painter, musician and television personality, and all around weird guy.

What’s even more astounding is the fact that he was born with cerebral palsy, can not walk or talk, but has “written books, directed plays, directed, acted in and edited films, regularly gives poetry readings, plays piano, sings in ensemble music jams, and continues to lead bands in hard core punk clubs up and down the west coast” (or so says his resume and Wikipedia).

When I input “performance artists” and “Berkeley” and add them with “presidential candidate” into my handy dandy political calculator, I end up with “insane uber-Moonbat Candidate – approach only when high.”

But some of Frank’s platform isn’t as off the wall as one would expect after glancing at his resume. Not that most of it is plausible, but some of his positions are at least interesting. Here are a few:

1. “I’ll do away with welfare and social security. Instead, every American will receive a minimum income of $1,000 a month.”

Hmmm, sounds like welfare Frank, even when you say it isn’t. If you don’t earn the money yourself, and the government gives it to you, it’s called welfare.

2. “Government should leave marriage to churches. Instead, any two or more adults who have been living together for at least 2 years should be able to register as a ‘family.'”

Sounds fair to me. I have no problem with different family set-ups registering to receive similar tax benefits that married folks get.

3. “An individual taxpayer will be able to direct her taxes to what functions she wants to support. But corporate taxpayers should not have this option.”

Sure to make conservatives and libertarians happy. It should make left leaning folks happy as well, but something tells me those social programs the socialists love so much would not have a lot of support if people actually had the ability to direct their tax dollars.

4. “All businesses selling their products in the U.S. will have to certify that their products were manufactured in accordance with this country’s labor, wage, environmental, and safety laws.”

Sounds great, and won’t ever happen.

5. “The use of drugs should be legalized and taxed. Pot and spirits should be sold over the counter to adults only. Tobacco and other addictive drugs should be sold by prescription only.”

Also sounds great, but likely won’t ever come to be.

Frank also wants to cut military spending, destroy our stockpile of nuclear weapons, and ban the sale of arms to any country. That page of his platform could fit nicely in the Kucinich’s playbook.

To show that she’s committed to the Berkley type leftist in the coming election, perhaps Hilary should pick this guy to be her running mate. How could the hard left turn on her when you’ve got Frank Moore on the ticket? And since he can’t talk, he won’t be able to mess up like their candidate did 4 years back!

Frank Moore’s response:

ah, i do love liberals! i get, when i look under your veneer of cynicism, that you basically like my platform. yep, my resume, while all true, is embarrassing in its bulk. it just tells you i’m a do-er, that i know how to get things done. i agree that most of my platform is now politically impossible, although relatively simple to do. it is important to ask why this is so. the first step to make what we want possible is to remove deadening cynicism. that is what my campaign is all about. cynicism isn’t really skeptism, critical, or realistic. it just sucks hope and possibilties out of any situation.

define “welfare,” please.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Moore/Block in LA City Beat

From Dr. Susan Block:

Not a bad piece on why the lack-luster campaigns of the front-runners makes “fringe” candidates like us that much MOORE meaningful…

Change in the New Year!
Xox Suzy

Frank Moore wrote:

wow, this is the second article today. he treats us with respect…which he didn’t the other candidates, mainstream and fringe alike.

i am about ready to start work getting write-in status. do you know any hip public notaries. in calif. we need 55 electors who sign a form and get it notarized. i was going to have a notarizing party. but i lost my notary!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dr. Susan Block wrote:

Yes, Mr. Gumbel does more than treat us with respect. He describes you as an American hero.

Frank Moore wrote:

yep…we here are blown out at how the response has mushroomed in a very profound way. if this keeps up, d.c. here we come!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

The Season of Hidden Hope


a radio musical



November 23, 1993


Walking along

cold dark homeless


clogged with ice fears,

my only friend

is the wind

chilling my bones

into longing

and lost

and beyond…

into a cynical loneliness.

Herding my sheep,

looking in windows

of unattainable desires,

looking at presents



I don’t have anyone to give them to,

looking into the past

soft colored warm homes

that are no longer mine.

Everyone has left,

everyone is gone.

Even the sun has left

long ago,

long before the manger.

And the sun

will not come back



This is the season

of dark depression

and fragile suicide.


I know

I can always bum up

the $29.95

to buy

the plastic hope and faith

at 7 Eleven

and pretend

it is my wonderful life


in the video store’s window.

But instead

I wrap myself

in a jaded pretense

of dry ice isolation

of not caring,

and drinking

the stale

but warm wine of regrets.


The birth

of new hope

has always been hidden within

the long cold

winter darkness.

Huddle together,

clinging to our tribal warmth

as our only protection

against dying

into the scary



we always have been blind

to the evergreen

hope of life.

It has always been

the first time

the sun

and easy hope

have gone away.

So we always think

they will never

come again.

The evergreen hope

has been hidden


in the womb

of the humble

and in children’s dreams.

The forces of greys

have always overheard

the possibility

of the hidden hope…

have always searched

for it

to pervert it

into human isolation…


failing that,

to kill it

for all time.

But the forces of power

always overlook

the hidden human hope


in the baby’s cradle.

As power

goes on a desperate killing,





the old world up……

we huddle together

in the silent night

upon the hill,

rocking together

in our tribal body warmth.

The shaman,

the holy woman,

the medicine man

have always shifted

our attention away

from the dark




have always shifted

our gaze

to the guiding light

of new birth…

at first

in the stars,

then in the roaring

tribal fire

which pulled

all human feelings

within it,

and still later

into that corny

home hearth


with bright colors


Into this fire

we have always gone,


the drumming

of our innocent heart


in a slow excitement,



our love of life.

We curl up

with our love

and wait

for warm spring

to arrive…

as hope grows

into knowing.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


From: Dorothy . Beag Beagle
To: Frank Moore

14 years and such is hope for peace, it is strongest when there
is least of it.

The beautiful painting is downloaded and will work its magic for
good cheer. 08 is the year of OUR PREZ FRANK! His plank is
not the one you walk with no hope but the deep blue sea. It is
the plank of common sense and good will.



Thank You and a comment

From: David Barnes
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: Thank You and a Comment

Hi Frank,

I’ve decided to support you in your bid to win the Presidency. Your platform is well thought out and would make a real difference.

My only suggestion is lowering your 75% flat tax on those earning over 5 million dollars per annum. Perhaps, 25% would be better.

I find you and your site inspiring.

Thank You,

Dave Barnes
Princeton, NJ

Frank Moore wrote:

first, david, i value your vote! what i need you….and people like you to do is to give copies of my platform to everybody you know… and/or whom you want to know! you can print it out at

it is an interesting suggestion. i’m open to it. what would be the reason to do it that way? in my plan the 75% rate for an individual kicks in at a million dollars a year and for a corporation 5 million dollars. i’d be incline to keep the individual rate there. but the corporate rate could be 25% for 6 milion-10 million, 50% for 11-20 million, and 75% for 20+ million.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: David Barnes
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: Thank You and a Comment

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your kind reply.

The reason I suggest lowering the flat rate percentage you have suggested is to avoid diminishing individual and corporate productivity. With the 10% flat rate and no deductions as you have rightly suggested, people and corporations would already be paying fairly to the group obligation. Those fortunate enough to earn five million or more could still have incentive to earn even if the rate now jumps to 25%.

Remember, some projects requires millions and millions of dollars of investment in order to be accomplished. To limit too much the return on the investment would diminish people’s and corporation’s enthusiasm for the projects in the first place. And I’m not just talking about making money in and of itself. Medicines and technology, as just two examples, can often require huge money outlays before any profits can ever be realized.

I will gladly give out your platform.

I appreciate your aware points of view.


Need to visit

From: Brad Cantrell
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Need to visit

I truly support your tactics on economy. The area of eastern kentucky is where i live and you need to visit the area and you would surge in support. People in our schools that are able to vote are really searching hard for a great candidate to represent them. Our roots in the appalachin valley are spread far and wide and your support for your campaign will shoot through the roof

a proud supporter


From: Frank Moore
To: Brad Cantrell
Subject: Re: Need to visit

hi, brad. i wish i could come before i am president. but i’m running this campaign without money. so i can’t travel. but i’ll come, and come often, after i’m president. that is a promise!

you can help me by passing out my platform….printable version is at …to everybody there…talk to people about our visions of society. i’m putting you in my email community.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

It was only a matter of time…

It was only a matter of time until they would try to capitalize on me! This site has nothing to do with us! Don’t buy here! To support our campaign, buy kewl swag at!

Endorsements are rolling in!

from Rochester IMC :

Next election fire all, elect none… but if you must vote vote for Frank Moore”

Presidential Campaign Sunday

A visit to three different presidential campaigns on one fateful day
Starring Hillary Clinton and Frank Moore and a t-shirt depicting Barack Obama
Oakland and Berkeley, September 30, 2007

Our campaign is really catching fire! This zombietime piece is truely amazing.

Don’t like Hillary, Rudy, Barack or Mitt? Try these presidential candidates

Article in the Pittsburg Tribune Review:
Don’t like Hillary, Rudy, Barack or Mitt? Try these presidential candidates

Dr. Susan Block: Interesting that now that I’m Presidential Candidate Frank Moore’s running mate, my relationship with Counterpunch is used against us more than my relationship with the world of porn… but, are we dangerous or amusing?

Frank Moore: Interesting…and basically a good article…except for the line that I can’t read or write! now foreverafter the press will repeat this false myth!

Dr. Susan Block: Yes, it is not a bad column, kind of quirky, and we’ll leave aside the fact that the writer loves Reagan. But he certainly likes us better than the mainstream candidates! But you know, I skimmed it before forwarding it to you, and didn’t notice it says you can’t read or write! Wow, what slander! Or is it libel? Anyway, it is amazing how much the mainstream press gets flat out wrong. You should write the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review a letter, just to prove you can write, at least. You should insist they print a retraction. I’m sure they will publish your letter.

Frank Moore: That is a good idea! i’ll do that. I can’t keep up! now people are emailing questions about our platform!


Letter to the Editor,

I see that you ran an article in which my campaign for president is covered. It is a good article…except that it stated that I can not read or write. imagine my surprise when I READ this. So I decided to WRITE to you. I’m sure you will correct this. A lot of people do not want a president who can’t read and write. tTey are funny that way. Btw, I have two master degrees…a great feat if I couldn’t read or write!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


Dr. Susan Block: Well, see now, this is great publicity for the campaign. And people will be super impressed since they heard you can’t read or write!

Frank Moore: Exactly!

Vinnie Santino: please stop – you’re killing me – I can’t possibly laugh any harder than I am right now… – Vinnie

Frank Moore: NAH! you can laugh much harder! btw, you did add me to your will, didn’t you? YOUR ’07 X-MAS CARD…ANOTHER SICK CLASSIC!


Mr. Moore:

I found the article in question. It is a piece-for-hire which runs in our Op/Ed section. I will refer it back to the writer for verification or a correction. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Frank Craig, Editor
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

From Frank:
thank you. will you let me know when the correction appears? to help the writer’s fact check, my resume is at and a few of published writings are at

funny, when i first went to vote in the mid 60s, they denied me the right because they didn’t think i could possibly read. i was a straight A student at the time. it does appear that we have more educating to do still!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

********************** 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionaire

Mr. Moore,

Thank you for your response to my questions. I appreciate your well-thought answers. Candidly you are the most intelligent and well informed respondent so far.

The responses to your question are on the Frank Moore Page below. Please let me know if there are any links or pictures you would like me to add. Also, I encourage you to link to this page from your own pages.

I have opened up a forum to discuss your responses, and encourage you to register and make your own wishes.

Best Wishes,
Richard Linza

Frank Moore wrote:

thank you. hopefully we can raise the bar by raising expectations. this is exactly why the mainstream candidates probably won’t take part in your great site [which we have linked]. but their not being there speaks volumes!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

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