Austin Wright wrote:

Mr. Moore,

I recently launched a website called Write the Vote, which tracks write-in campaigns nationwide. I found your write-in campaign website from 2008, and I’m wondering: Do you plan to run in 2012?

Thank you,

Austin Wright

Frank Moore replied:

hi, Austin! Well, I would need to be drafted! It was a very intensive two year journey . We do know That not all of the votes I received were counted. During the campaign, with the help of the national expert on ballot access issues Richard Winger, we forced several states to change their rules for write-in candidates. It was a very satisfying experience.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Richard Winger wrote:

We are still waiting for that U.S. District Court Judge in Washington DC to rule on whether the US Constitution requires write-in votes be counted in jurisdictions that permit write-ins, and even have a write-in filing procedures. The case was brought by Bob Barr. He filed as a declared write-in presidential candidate in 2008 in the District of Columbia, and the Board of Elections refused to count the votes for him. They say it is too much bother. This will be an important decision when it comes down.

Frank Moore wrote:

glad we were a part of the process!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore