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From: Jen & Nic (from Canada)
To: Frank Moore
Subject: you JUST MAKE SENSE!

We hope you had an amazing birthday party!!! It seems at 60 you are really moving into high gear! And we love your platform for presidency! A lot of your ideas are the same as ours. Nic has always talked about a flat tax and we’ve always thought pot should be legal and taxed – that would bring in A LOT of money. It would make that $12,000/year for everyone easily possible. Treating drug addiction like an illness instead of a crime would change society drastically. And making prisons a place for reform is desperately needed. As for healthcare and education, free for all just makes sense. So, your party name is very appropriate! We wish we could vote for you! I will endorse you to all my friends down there!

Endorsement from Annie Sprinkle

“What the USA needs is an artist for president, and Frank Moore fits the bill. Smart, sassy, charming and wise. Frank has my vote.”
Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.

Write In Vote

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore

Subject: Write In Vote

This link gives people the opportunity to suggest that the Progressive Patriots Fund support you for Prez. People can write in your name and the reason they endorse you.

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter

Subject: Re: Write In Vote

Thanks. But this is a front for Dem. Russ Feingold who is hoping to be my Dem. opponent. So I doubt they will endorse me. But I’m thinking of offering myself to Peace and Freedom party which I have been in since the 60s.

“I Came To Play”

I came to play!
Came to the table
to play
I don’t care what I have
to do
to get a seat
at the table

I play every hand
dealt to me
not really caring about
winning or losing
or about skill…
just playing hands
to stay in the game

Yes, I am a dangerous player,
keep on playing

I came to play!
Came to bed
not to fuck you
to melt with you enjoying
mutual surrender
washing pleasure
swept away into oneness
exploring skin from the inside,
beyond time,
beyond self,
into the fun of being
into exploring
the furry cozy sweating love
that can’t be confined to the bed,
but claims the whole life
as its playpen
I came to play
to mix things up
to see what unexpected
will appear,
to jam
with playmates,
to lose ourselves
within one another,
within the playing,
the dancing,
the touching,
the music…
into listening
and melting

I came to play…
playing life the best way I can…
always playing against the house,
against the odds…
not a smart player…
never in competition…
just keep my eye
on the ball,
on each hand,
on following
the every move
of Lady Luck

I came to play…
often in the lonely fields
beyond taboo,
breaking thru THE WALL
to new possibilities…
but I am a team player…
always looking for playmates
to get muddy or sweaty with…
truth be told…
playing with myself
for myself
has never been fun,
` only lonely

I came to play
with colors, noises, realities, bodies, words, characters, limits, dreams, images,
life, death, symbols, magic…
and with you

I came to play
and I’m a dangerous player
because I don’t play
for money,
or from anger,
or to win…
so I can’t lose
can’t be beaten!

I came to play
to play
just for fun
….just to change everything!

I came to play…
after all…
I want to play with you…
we are mammals,
after all!

© 2000, Frank Moore

Minimum Income

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore

Subject: Minimum Income

You are so right about the minimum income with health care.
Minimum income also gives the bottom, leisure time, and without leisure time, your opinion can’t count, because arent’t involved. You are always working an less likely to even vote. I was listening to a 86 year activist speak from NYC and she said, that Americans rank like 64 against Europe and other countries for leisure and that is why we can’t get out the vote. Leisure was a part of the economics of labor and time in the 50’s and part to reason we had political involvement in the 60’s.

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter

Subject: Minimum Income

Exactly. We work longer hours then the europeans. They have paid vacations just as a matter of course. When the N.E.A. came under attack in the 90s, I quipped they were attacking the wrong agency. More artists I knew didn’t get their money from the N.E.A., but from S.S.I. for being crazy or/and a crip!

Maximum and Minimum Income

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Maximum and Minimum Income

Dear Frank,

I’m in favor of minimum income, but I’m even more in favor of maximum income. How much does anyone need per year to have a comfortable and enjoyable life: $100,000, $200,00, 1 million, 1 billion?

Income that exceeds the maximum could be put aside for these people’s old age pension (up to the maximum yearly income for a predicted life of 100 years – if anyone lives longer than that, the state could pay for the remaining of their years at the same rate). To offset their additional income, the excess could be donated to a social cause of their choice: education, environment, medical research, etc.; or they could pay decent wages to their gardeners, housekeepers, nannies. It would promote a natural redistribution of wealth. Men would readily hired their wives and adult children and keep them productive (and the money in the family). Nothing wrong with that; they would all be allow to earn the maximum.

Income shouldn’t even be taxed. All taxes should come from spending (food, education and health excluded) — those who buy huge luxury items (because they make much more than most) would pay more into the national welfare than those who barely get by and thus cannot afford, say, an ocean liner, one or two oversized house or a private plane.

Even rich visitors from out of the country would have to pay the sale tax; therefore, the drug dealers, the monarchs, the descendants of rich families (so many of them all over the world) would all have to pay to use their money here. (Don’t worry after the initial shock, they would all come back because this country would more than rock — it would be transformed.)

Importation of goods, new or used, would be controlled. (No loop holes for the multi-millionaires.)

CEOs wouldn’t have the incentives to stick it to everyone else because it wouldn’t increase their bottom lines anymore. Massive layoffs for the profit of a few would be obsolete.

The rewards for forward-thinking projects would become intrinsic rather than monetary. Artists could make a living finally. Education would be for education-sake again. Universal Health would not even be an issue because the state would have the money to support it, and the CEOs of insurance companies would have lost their incentives to prevent it. The very rich would finally have another reason to become creative and to encourage creativity in others. Those with limited capabilities would be able to have a decent living, too, no matter what jobs they would hold. (Have you ever thought what this world would be in a month if no one would pick up the garbage off the curb twice a week?)

I can see so many benefit to a maximum income concept. And it doesn’t have to be a meager maximum either. It can be quite large. And it can all be done within the spirit of entrepreneurship this country values so much. Everyone could have access again to the American Dream of starting something small and make it grow. Just that when the baby is grown, it’s grown, but it is not permitted to turn into a pig and eat up its neighbors.

Your thoughts on that, Frankie dear?

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter
Subject: Re: Maximum and Minimum Income

As i promised … I totally agree about a maximum income. My tax plank is in fact a maximum income with some flexability. [There will be a flat tax of 10% on annual income of less than one million dollars for an individual and less than five million dollars for a corporation. But the flat tax will jump to 75% on annual incomes exceeding these limits.] This takes the greed and the addiction for obscene profits out of the picture … especially in combination with the other planks in my platform. This greed and this addiction dangerously warps our society on every level … culture, politics, education, science, health, environment, etc. They have limited progress down into the service of the pursuit of obscene profits.

Because each person will get $12,000 annual minimum income from the age 18 onward and will have complete health care, growing old is no longer a scarey proposition. People will have many choices fitting their needs and desires.

You are right, guaranteed minimum income tends to raise wages and benefits because the workers are not desperate. When people do not have to save for their old age, for health insurance, and for education, they will have more money to spend, to start small businesses, to run small farms, etc., etc., etc. This is especially true when a family of any type [or a community made up of families] combine their money together.

In freedom,
Frank Moore

various comments

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore
Subject: various comments

frank: i think you gotta get paul to be your vice presidential running mate… that’d be the ‘real ticket’…! gee, if i keep coming up with these slogans you’re gonna hafta hire me… lol…

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter
Subject: various comments

I’m running without money! But i’ll hire you on that basis. I’m thinking of asking Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Global Exchange to be my vice … and her husband Kevin to be my Sec. of State.

A Question Of History

From: Frank Moore
To: Paul Krassner
Subject: a question of history

I thought you were one of the chicago 7. But Wikipedia doesn’t list you. Why?

From: Paul Krassner
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: a question of history

because I wasn’t . . . I testified in the trial, though.

From: Frank Moore
To: Paul Krassner
Subject: Re: a question of history

That explains that. When Sen. Jesse Helms targeted me and a handful of other performance artists in the early 90s, High Performance magazine left Joanna Went and myself off the target list. Too radical to be defended!

Hey, Paul!

For those who don’t know who paul is … and hence don’t realize what a big deal getting his blessing for my presidential candidacy is …

Paul Krassner

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul Krassner (born April 9, 1932) was editor and frequent contributor to the Freethought magazine The Realist, which, first published in 1958, is a very early example of the countercultural press in the United States. Although The Realist is regarded as an underground publication by some, it was a nationally distributed newsstand publication as early as 1959.

The Realist was published on a fairly regular schedule during the 1960s and then on an irregular schedule after the early 1970s. It was revived as a much smaller newsletter during the mid-1980s when material from the magazine was collected in The Best of the Realist: The 60’s Most Outrageously Irreverent Magazine (Running Press, 1985). The final issue of The Realist was #146 (Spring, 2001).

Krassner was a child violin prodigy (and was the youngest person ever to play Carnegie Hall, in 1939 at age six), but his career took a different turn in the 1950s when he became an important figure in many aspects of politically-edged humor and satire in the US. He was a close protege of the controversial comedian Lenny Bruce (he edited Bruce’s autobiography); he worked on early issues of Mad; he was a founder of the Youth International Party (yippies) in 1967, famous for prankster activism. He is known in intellectual property circles for having printed The Realist’s controversial 1966 poster, “The Disneyland Memorial Orgy“, illustrated by Wally Wood in black-and-white line art. Krassner recently made Wood’s poster available in a digital color version.

Krassner remains a prolific writer and stand-up comedian. Currently, he is a columnist for the New York Press, Disinfotainment Today and AVN Online. He is a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post.

Books by Paul Krassner

  • The Best of the Realist: The 60’s Most Outrageously Irreverent Magazine
  • How a Satirical Editor Became a Yippie Conspirator in Ten Easy Years
  • Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in the Counter-Culture
  • High Times Presents Paul Krassner’s Pot Stories for the Soul, compiled by Krassner with a forward by Ellison, Harlan ISBN 1893010023
  • Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: From Toad Slime to Ecstasy
  • Murder at the Conspiracy Convention: And Other American Absurdities, introduced by George Carlin
  • Paul Krassner’s Psychedelic Trips for the Mind
  • Paul Krassner’s Impolite Interviews
  • Sex, Drugs, and the Twinkie Murders
  • The Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race: The Satirical Writings of Paul Krassner, Introduction by Kurt Vonnegut
  • One Hand Jerking: Reports >From an Investigative Satirist, Foreword by Harry Shearer, Introduction by Lewis Black

Hey, Paul!

From: Frank Moore
To: Paul Krassner
Subject: hey, paul!

Will you endorse me, bless me, or whatever one does in this situation?

In freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Paul Krassner
To: Frank Moore

Subject: Re: hey, paul!

sure, why not . . .

From: Frank Moore
To: Paul Krassner

Subject: Re: hey, paul!

Thanks paul! What a way to kick off my campaign … to get blessed/endorsed by one of my heroes/role models! I smell the vapors of success! Of course, you’ll be my security advisor!

In freedom,
Frank Moore

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