we still are finding articles about our presidential campaign. And yes, my universal medical coverage did include dental!

Frank Moore

In 2008, a record year for nuts running for President, performance artist Frank Moore ran on a fairly radical platform of near-communism for the Just Makes Sense Party. Polish political ‘zine Aktivist had this to say about Moore: “Are you a US citizen? Love party and weed? Vote for Frank Moore!” Given that his running mate, Dr. Susan Block reportedly enjoys “erotic theater,” as well, we’ve formed a pretty clear picture of what their victory party might have looked like. His campaign poster makes us wonder if universal dental care is part of his platform, too.


Richard Winger wrote:

Ah Frank, it’s good to hear from you.

We still have hopes that the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, will eventually rule that write-ins for declared write-in presidential candidates must be counted. This is the Bob Barr case, of course.

Frank Moore wrote:
yes, most people think if they vote for a registered candidate, their votes will be counted. Seems basic! But it is not true. The elections are so rigged to keep the bi- part[ies] in power for ever!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore