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Month: July 2007

tonight we found this written on a piece of cardboard in our front yard

Be frank about moore recycling on the curb, so we can vote for you.

Good luck,
Street chums”

It was written by one of those guys who goes around with shopping carts collecting recycling. I’m all for gleaning…which THEY are making illegal.

And b-tv is still playing my platform every day in prime time.

We may just win this sucker!

Thanks, Gary. Yep, ain’t that the real question? My goal is root change for a more humane society…which most people want. Their goal is the control of the machine as it is. Hopefully the contrast between their non-answers and our visions will reveal their hollowness and more importantly the untapped possibilities.

In freedom,
Frank Moore

…and now you know why I created the website!


That was obvious. your site is great! We now know why the mainstream candidates will never debate someone like me. The public access station here is now airing the video I made for you every day in prime time. I have been busy giving interviews and writing a commissioned (paying) piece for a high-brow mag. sure feels like I am a “real” cadidate!

In freedom,
Frank Moore

Excellent! Glad to hear of your progress. The only hope for this country is that the relatively lazy and ignorant public wakes up and realizes that they’ve been duped with the current “two party” system. It’s the biggest scam on the planet.

Keep up the good work!


Hope I don’t peak before the election

i’m on b-tv every day this week in prime time!

da boyz:
Frank was on BTV, talking about his presidential platforms! How amazingly great! It was so neat to be able to put those ideas out in this way, and just the experience of watching this on tv was mindblowing. You were so used to being really disappointed whenever a candidate comes on TV, because you are usually fed a bunch of b.s. … and now here was Frank, saying the kinds of things you always wished you heard from politicians.

In freedom,
Frank Moore

Interview from

This is an excellent – perfect – much needed interview. Nice job Frank!

– Vinnie Santino (SPIT)

Re: Asking for an interview from

To: “Frank Moore”
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 8:46 AM
Subject: RE: Asking for an interview from

Thank you so much for the interview….I am actively promoting the
interview as of right now and hope to get a lot of hits….spread the
word about your campaign


Frank’s reply:

Thank you! Before your great piece, I didn’t know that Wikipedia had listed me as a third party candidate. Now at Wikipedia there is an attempt to remove me because I ain’t a “real” candidate because I (according to some) don’t have a chance of winning! Unclear on the concept of a third party candidate…third party candidates get important issues talked about. But if people keep talking about me, I just may win!

So are you voting for me?

In freedom,
Frank Moore

Interview with a Presidential Candidate: Frank Moore

By The Douginator

I was looking through a list of third party candidates on Wikipedia when I stumbled across Frank Moore. The man looked a bit different than the other candidates I had looked at. Maybe it was the scary gaze or the lack of teeth that first caught my attention. Well, whatever it was I was hooked. I watched a few of Frank Moore’s campaign videos, looked at some of his art ( a lot of it nude performance art), and gandered at his numerous websites. Frank Moore was a pretty cool dude. He was kind enough to send me a bio and give me an interview with him.

Read the entire interview here.

Asking for an interview from

Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 12:03 PM
Subject: Asking for an interview from

Hi…I am a writer for an up and coming website called…we are currently doing some features on third party
candidates for office….I am wondering if I can get an interview….I
could just send a few questions for you to respond to….if I could get
an interview and a short bio I would be very pleased…
is interested in your campaign…thank you!

The Douginator

Frank’s reply:

sure, i’m willing. but i’m not your typical candidate, third party or otherwise. are you up to the task? i assume you have checked out but if you are into serious research…that is, if you ain’t your typical journalist….check out and

ok, shoot!


Frank Moore first came to be known in the 70’s as the creator of the popular cabaret show, The Outrageous Beauty Revue. In the 80’s he became one of the U.S.’s foremost performance artists. In 1992 he was voted Best Performance Artist by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. In the early 90’s he was targeted by Senator Jesse Helms. Since 1991 Frank Moore has been the publisher and editor of the acclaimed underground zine, The Cherotic r(E)volutionary.

In addition to his book, Cherotic Magic and numerous other self-published pieces, Frank Moore has been widely published in various art and other periodicals.

Frank Moore’s video works are award winning and have shown throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Frank Moore has a large, extensive web site which features his and other artists’ audio, video and visual artwork. Frank Moore founded an internet radio station, Love Underground Vision Radio (LUVeR) in 1999.

In freedom,
Frank Moore


Justin is the boss at the retirement community where Erika is the Director of Enrichment. Sidney is a resident. There was a staff meeting…

“At the beginning of the meeting Justin said something like people are really getting into Frank running for president and I said yes and talked a little about the web site and the You tube site. He said that Sidney had come to him talking about Frank running for president and that she had been quite excited about it. I had given Sidney a copy of the platforms the other day.”

In freedom,

Frank Moore

From: ColbertNation
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 12:42 AM
Subject: Email Form || Hi, I’m Frank Moore, and I’m running for President in ’08

Thanks for emailing Here’s the information you sent:

Hi Colbert Nation, Not sure if my first email reached you, but wanted you to know about my run for President in ’08. Please check out: Thanks! In Freedom, Frank

Frank’s reply:

Thanks! Hey, my presidential campaign needs the Colbert bump!

In freedom,
Frank Moore

Re: ExpertVoter – issue videos

From: Gary Stark
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 2:13 PM
Subject: ExpertVoter – issue videos

Hi Frank,
I received your youtube video submissions….very impressive! I add all but one to the ExpertVoter website (I don’t have a slot for the debt video). Much thanks. Now why can’t the mainstream candidates come up with as many creative proposals as you!
Good luck with the campaign…


Frank’s reply:

Thanks, gary. Yep, ain’t that the real question? My goal is root change for a more humane society…which most people want. Their goal is the control of the machine as it is. Hopefully the contrast between their non-answers and our visions will reveal their hollowness and more importantly the untapped possibilities.

In freedom,
Frank Moore

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