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From: Dorothy . Beag Beagle
To: Frank Moore

TO THE HONORABLE FIRST FAMILY, PEOPLE; President Frank, First Lady, Linda and baby makes 3- Mikee, First seamstress, Erika, and The Guys, Corey and Alexi
ANIMALS: First cat(1) First cat(2) First cat(3)

I was delighted, totally, with the gorgeous pictures of the extravagent How Berkeley Can You Be Parade, with the above First Family, with charming Dr. Richard Kerbavaz and neighbor person….. The hats were the ‘crowning glory’ and your kindness in sending me copies, Linda, made me less sorry to have been ill, missing the live event. Well, and also made me MORE SORRY. tHEY WILL MAKE a wonderful collage. The BOOTH was not to be believed, I’m sure made a big hit and I hope that leads to VOTES. It is time that Berkeley, whose City Councils (past members included) and such leaders as Kris Worthington and Maudelle Shirek (recenty honored with a mural) have kept Berkeley on the tongues of citizens in many other countries as leaders in human rights, a good time to remind this since all of America should never be judged by what ‘usurpers pretending to be regime’ pee all over potentates (pretending they are saying how do you do) and have put most of the country, but not Berkeley, in a category other countries have no choice but to compare the more dunce-like Americans, the religious right, and most ‘lost their marbles’ Congress people as cousins to the flatheads of Oz, who carried their brains around in a can. But not Berkeley, where there are many good signs, including the Purple House and the Blue House showing the way to OZ and the way to People’s Park where students from many countries come up to people, like Jesse, and ask, “can you show me the way to People’s Park, yes, it truly is a world known, living, growing emblem of FREEDOM, loving hands planted every flower and tree, each tree having a special meaning, not hap-hazardly chosen, I was on one PP Celebration, invited to assist the planting of an Ash (small) from Oregon with one of the park founders, an original member, attorney David Axelrad, of the Free Speech Movement of UC Berkeley, who founded the Park, Our planting was ceremonious – I had just read for a crowd that day, a ‘beware of selling out’ poem on the famous old wooden stage of People’s Park. Cupping our hands to hold water and careful to make the ground damp after digging a small hole to hold the 3 foot tree from my Home State. And taking time to sift dirt with our hands into the hole, as was each tree in that Park carefully and ceremoniously planted. (David a lawyer in the gold cuntry) Should you need a lawyer, perhaps call David.

So then it will be appropriate that as this Nation has been summer-saulted heed over heels against it’s will since 2,000 with a lot of hooded jugglers tossing logicians into the air for practice years prior, and would be writers already beginning their own remake of the Contitustion. An illiterate attmpt by a Hollywood half-grin actor. It is TIME for a President to be selected from the most forward-looking City in the country, Berkeley. A city many-times known for it’s racial harmony, neighborhood names sound like a UN congretation. Talk to Berkeley High Students and you will find tomorrow’s leaders.


Jesse Beagle
Passionate Patriot

From: Frank Moore
To: Dorothy . Beag Beagle

ah, yes…there will be big changes at the white house [among other places] when our bus pulls up and unloads!

btw, kerbavaz promised he’ll write about the parade.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


I’m working to start a poetry series at a great new cafe (cafe leila) on San Pablo Ave., a 10 minute walk from our house. But the city just informed the owner that it will fine him $1,000 for each “public event” such as a poetry reading that he has! When did this insanity start? poetry readings always have happened in cafes and coffeehouses! People need places to get together, share with one another deeply, creating communities. Big brother in berkeley!

We also are planning to give a campaign speech there…another illegal public event! In fact the cafe within a week of our discovering it has become a hotbed of the MOORE/BLOCK ticket with the people discussing/debating the platform…we left a thick pile of platforms….which everybody reads!

Btw, the cafe is a warm, colorful neighborhood treasure with great, organic food…serving breakfast all day….big portions, cheap….lunch and dinner too. Rich coffee! Cozy and home-like. Everything is done right!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

On the campaign trail!


“Back at the BH, he did the recycling there too, and as he was putting it out, the guy who had written a big note on cardboard to Frank “from his street chums” about needing more recycling came by just at the same time as another guy who had stopped to look at the free stuff was going through the stuff there. “Al” asked as he walked up, “How is the President doing?!” Corey said, “Great! He was just in the Chronicle on Sunday, in an article about people who use their homes to make political statements.” “That’s great!” The other guy asked, “What party is he with?” Corey told him that it was the Just Makes Sense Party! And he gave the guy a platform, and “Al” wanted one too. The other guy said something about if Ron Paul doesn’t get the republican nomination, maybe he would join that party too … and he drove off. “Al” said, looking up at the banner, “You can’t beat that smile!” He said to tell Frank: “Moore Frank Moores!” And he headed out to pick up more recycling, but returned a few minutes later to say, “No, tell Frank: “Frankly, Moore Frank Moores!!”

Just another day on the campaign trail

today i was sitting in our multi-colored car [one of 3] downtown. linda and mikee were getting coffee. a tv crew…obviously a professional crew…started filming our car…and left before linda and mikee came back. but i kept track of where they went to….so we tracked them down! they were shooting for the series on dishtv, called green wheels, about evironmentally-friendly cars. our car will open their berkeley show. they ended up interviewing me as a presidential candidate on my stand on “green” cars.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


From: Erika
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Sidney

today Sidney said that she feels Frank around her, supporting her! I said yes he is, that is what he does. It felt like it meant alot to her and she continues to put up flyers for us everyday and really seems to enjoy that too! Still has her Frank Moore for Pres button on her purse

From: Frank Moore
To: Erika
Subject: Re: Sidney

this warms my heart. this is what our campaign is all about. tell her!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

our houses made it into this great column which will be in the sunday S.F. CHRONICLE

Click on MORE PHOTOS to see our houses.

interested in interviewing you for my column…

From: Carol Lloyd
To: Frank Moore
Subject: interested in interviewing you for my column…

I write a weekly column called Surreal Estate about housing for the SF Chronicle. I’m writing my column this week about homes that make a political statement and my editor who lives about a block away from you, thought your house would make a good focus. The fact that you’re running for president makes it even better.

Would it be okay to include photos of your home? Do you have any digital ones you could send along? I live in SF and it might be hard to get over there before my deadline.

My phone # is 415 xxx-xxxx. I’m working on my story today and tomorrow and turning it in by noon tomorrow so speaking today or tomorrow morning is essential.>

Carol Lloyd

PS If it’s more convenient, I can send questions by email and you can send written answers.

From: Frank Moore
To: Carol Lloyd
Subject: Re: interested in interviewing you for my column…


email works best for me. if you email me the questions, I can answer them this evening when i am at the computer.

yes, we have digital photos. mikee will send you some links and photos.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Carol Lloyd
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: interested in interviewing you for my column…

Here’s my questions — thanks for agreeing to this quick turn around…

1– What inspired you to make your home into a statement? When did you do it? how long has the war is terrorism sign been up? Has there been other signs over the years?

2 — What’s been the response from the community?

3– Was there ever a sort of official limitation on posting a sign or something like an official complaint (I don’t imagine there would be but you never know).

4 — Does the Blue House have political signage or other messages?

5– Why do think more people don’t use their homes to express themselves?

thanks for answering these questions… good luck on your campaign – I like a lot of your planks!

Carol Lloyd

From: Frank Moore
To: Carol Lloyd
Subject: Re: interested in interviewing you for my column…

Here’s my questions — thanks for agreeing to this quick turn around…

1– What inspired you to make your home into a statement? When did you do it? how long has the war is terrorism sign been up? Has there been other signs over the years?

Well, we are performance artists. We always combine art, everyday life, and politics together. It actually started when we bought our house about 15 years ago and painted it purple. That was controversial, hence political. For the first year, some people loved it, some people hated it.but always strong reactions. However, after the first year, most of the neighborhood loved it. In fact, a lot of the houses on our block are now painted in bright colors! Btw, our cars are tie-dye.

The first sign just said BERKELEY. We put that up after sitting through a meeting in Albany [about 4 houses over the invisible boarder] hearing how low- class people living in Berkeley were!

When Bush was geering up to invade Iraq, we made a sign inspired by a painting of the words HELL TO WAR! that I had painted in 1966 about the Vietnam war. Then I made it into a series of signs: HELL TO ALL TERRORISM!, WAR IS TERRORISM!, and an American flag with the peace sign over it. Of course we have the usual political signs such as IMPEACH BUSH! And of course since I began running for president, we have signs like VOTE FOR FRANK MOORE IN ’08!

2 — What’s been the response from the community?

After the first year, nothing but positive responses. People in cars back up to get a better look. People come by to take photos. People always brighten up, smile. A lot of people thank us. People who take BART tell us they look at our house everyday.

3– Was there ever a sort of official limitation on posting a sign or
something like an official complaint (I don’t imagine there would be
but you never know).

I suppose if you put up a billboard or were otherwise being obnoxious, then you may get heat. But if you are just attempting to communicate, it’s free speech!

4 — Does the Blue House have political signage or other messages?

It has a big FRANK MOORE FOR PRESIDENT IN ’08 banner outside. You can take a copy of my platform from the front gate. And of course both houses have neon peace signs in windows.

5– Why do think more people don’t use their homes to express themselves?

They are afraid to stand out, to risk.

“thanks for answering these questions… good luck on your campaign – I
like a lot of your planks!”

Which planks don’t you like?

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. Goings On

Frank Moore: hey, harley! did martha (Martha Wilson, Founding Director, Franklin Furnace, Inc., NYC) see that I want her as my secretary of culture?

Harley Spiller, Administrator: Hi Frank – not sure if she did – its news to me – great news! Martha see Frank’s note below – whoohooo – MW in the White House – but then again Frank and Company will probably tie dye all of Pennsylvania Avenue! Harley cc: Martha

FM: don’t tell anybody! the tie-dyed house is a state secret! mikee just painted erika’s car. now we have a fleet of 3 multi-colored cars!

HS: p.s. your secrets are always safe with me – and vice versa I hope!

FM: hey, if i wasn’t good at keeping secrets, you’d be in jail!

HS: Right!!!

FM: thus, you’re voting for me, etc….right?

HS: I’m as yet undecided but leaning towards a write in for Honest Abundance (Frank More – get it?) harley

FM: so how can i nail you…your vote…down?

HS: Just keep on keeping on Frank and chances are great…

FM: great! but what will clinch it for you?

Martha Wilson, Founding Director, Franklin Furnace: We mentioned your campaign in “The History of the Future: A Franklin Furnace View of Performance Art” at the Abrons Art Center of Henry Street Settlement. How is it going? I look forward to voting Bush out and voting you in!”


HS: What who me buckle to the boss? I’m still holding my cards close to my vest – let ya know more after the primaries. Knock em out Frank – and let us know what kind of help we might provide with Goings On or whatever.

FM: ah, you are waiting to see if Dennis and Mr. Paul win. But who luvs ya, baby?

Write-In President info

I’m going to try to get on the ballot in as many states as I can! It looks like you can write in anyone without having your entire ballot being thrown out. but they only count official candidates on the ballot and official write-in candidates. so i’m going for it!


In Freedom,
Frank Moore


The 2008 forms for presidential write-in electors and candidates are almost available. The Sec. of State expects them to be ready around Aug. 1, and they are going to email them to me when they are ready.

Only the write-in vote for President/Vice-President is disqualified if the candidate does not have any electors (delegates) declared for him/her. The rest of the voter’s ballot is counted.

When the 55 delegates, the candidate’s “slate” is declared with the Sec. of State’s office, the Secretary of State’s office then notifies the candidate in question that he has a slate declared for his candidacy, and confirms that he is indeed running. If he says yes, then it is official, and he is a recognized write-in candidate for President in the general election. “

The Interview

hi, phil. i ran out of time! but i have answered about half of your questions.

1. Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences ?

Hi, I am Frank Moore and I’m running for President of the U. S. I was one of the NEA-funded artists targeted by Jesse Helms and the GAO (General Accounting Office) in the early 90s for doing art that was labeled “obscene” for my long [5-48 hour] ritualistic performances with audience participation, nudity, and eroticism. This attack on the arts is generally considered the opening battle of the cultural war that has raged in the U.S. ever since. I have always used art as a means to effect political change and cultural subversion and to create intimate communities. My running for president is the logical outgrowth of this!

I am running on the politics of possibilities. I have always been dumb to what is impossible. So I just figure how to do the “impossible.” I have been doing this all my life! I am 61. I was born with cerebral palsy, can not walk or talk. I communicate using a laser-pointer and a board of letters, numbers and commonly-used words. But I am a host of a popular public access TALK show. Go figure it! So now I am setting my sights, as president, on eliminating poverty, hunger, war, etc. Impossible, eh?

2. How was your political engagement born ?

Well, I think it began when I was born. When I was born, doctors told my parents that I had no intelligence, that I had no future, that I would be best put into an institution and be forgotten. This was a powerful expectation with all the force of western science and medicine as well as social influences, behind it. It would have been easy for my parents to be swept up into this expectation. Then that expectation would have created my reality. I would have long ago died without any other possibilities.

Instead, my parents rejected this expectation for the possibility they saw in my eyes, for what for them should have been true. This rejection of the cultural expectation of reality could not be a one‑time choice. They had to passionately live their choice everyday, every minute, or the cultural expectation would have sucked them and me into it. It fought them at every new possibility they opened to me. Their passionate commitment to how they thought things should be attracted people to me who kept opening new possibilities for me. Of course, these were in the minority. But I focused on them, making them how people should be, how I wanted to be. So I expected people and myself to be like that. So people were for the most part that way…at least I saw them that way. This opened up to me what is called luck. It also gave me the ability to trust and the ability to use opportunities.

So the struggle for freedom, and against the powers-that-be has been my life. And it has been a continuous struggle, struggling with schools to let me in, etc. I have always been a radical. But that became obvious when I was 18 and invented my head pointer with which I type and communicate…I started writing political columns for the high school paper…as well as putting out an underground paper. I was in the first special class placed on a regular high school campus so that the disabled students could be in regular classes and be a part of campus life. I was involved in the civil rights and anti-war movements. This was 1965…before it was popular to be against the Vietnam War. In the school paper I got into a debate with a GI in Vietnam. I was sat down and told that, because of my political philosophy and activities, I was hurting the chances of the disabled students who would come after me. I replied that the goal was to get the rights for the disabled [and for all people] to be complete and equal…and that included the right to be political. I would not surrender that, or any other, right.

3. What personal way drove you to compete for the presidency of the United States ?

I am running because no other candidate is talking clearly about the issues that people care about, nor is firmly committed to solve the problems that keep us from living together in the society that we have been dreaming of…and is very possible. I am running because there is no other candidate whom I could vote for. I’m running to reveal and explore the possibilities outside boxes. I’m running to plant hope and to zap fear. Oh, yes, I’m running to win…and to get the health care benefits that the president receives!

4. Can you tell me some key points about your program, the main ideas ?

Here are some of the most important planks of my platform…all of which people can read at : I’ll do away with welfare and social security. Instead, every American will receive a minimum income of $1,000 a month. This amount will be tied to the cost of living and will not be taxable. We will have universal prenatal-to-the-grave health care and universal free education with equal access. I’ll do away with all tax deductions for over $12,000 income. Instead, there will be a flat tax of 10% on annual income of less than one million dollars for an individual and less than five million dollars for a corporation. But the flat tax will jump to 75% on annual income exceeding these limits. I’ll cut the military budget by at least half.

The primary function of the government should be the protection of the health, the civil and human rights, the freedoms, and the general welfare of the people…instead of the protection and the promotion of corporate profits and interests. The government should exist to serve the people, and not to make a profit on the services to the people. My administration will be governed by these basic principles.

I will bring the troops home from Iraq immediately. Moreover, I will change this country’s self-image from that of THE SUPER POWER/WORLD LEADER to that of a member of the global community.

5. How do you view the upcoming campaign, can you give us some elements about what it represents in term of hardships, opportunities… in the US system, and what about your strategy?

Well, I’m doing it without money, without spin, without experts, without hype. My campaign is base on ideas, on how we can create the society that we want, on hope. It is an underground, grassroots campaign, bringing people into a community of active change through direct and personal exchange with me. They keep telling us this kind of campaign can’t work. But you are talking to me. A lot of people are getting turned on, inspired by this campaign. So it is already profoundly working!

6. Political fiction : It’s January, the 20th, 2009. You have just been elected president ! What are your first steps, your priorities ?

I’ll start withdrawing our troops out of Iraq quickly and safely. But I will START creating our dreams as I’ve outlined in my platform. Free universal health care, free universal education, cutting the military, guaranteed minimum income, real tax reform are some of my priorities. I will forgive all the interest on loans to the so-called third-world countries.

I’ll have a repealing party at the White House to repeal all the regulations in all departments that were enacted in the last 8 years and are harmful to the environment or to the people’s health, safety, rights and freedoms. I will also throw such parties in both houses of Congress to repeal dangerous laws such as the so-called patriot act. We will restore our Bill of Rights!

7. What are America’s biggest internal problems today, and what are your answers ?

The greedy addiction to obscenely huge profits of the big corporations is polluting and distorting our society. I’ll do away with all tax deductions for over $12,000 income. Instead, there will be a flat tax of 10% on annual income of less than one million dollars for an individual and less than five million dollars for a corporation. But the flat tax will jump to 75% on annual income exceeding these limits.

All patents and copyrights will expire in 20 years. Inventions, products, etc. which are developed with governmental money and/or public institutions can not be patented.

All businesses selling their products in the U.S. will have to certify that their products were manufactured in accordance with this country’s labor, wage, environmental, and safety laws… that they meet or exceed these…no matter where they were produced.

Every corporation should come up for a renewal every 25 years, at which time it must prove that it has been operating in the public interest. If it fails to do this, it loses its right to exist. Corporations that have existed before this policy will have 10 years before they will have to prove they are worthy.

All of the opt-out schemes should be illegal. If a corporation wants to sell your information, it first should directly and clearly get your permission. Before this happens, all such information is a part of your privacy, not the property of a corporation.

The selling/buying of debt should be illegal.

8. Same question for America’s external problems.

Our biggest problem is we think we are THE world leader, rather than a member of the world community. We think the world is there to satisfy our “national interest” [which is really the interest of big corporations], rather than finding what the world community needs and wants. This attracts anger, etc. to us. It also prevents us from relating to the changing world wisely.

9. More specifically, what do you think should be done on Iraq and national security ?

The Iraq invasion was never in our national security or interest. So I will withdraw our troops. You don’t keep doing what hasn’t worked. It is like staying in an abusive relationship just so that you don’t need to admit you made a huge mistake.

10. What about environment ?

I will encourage a society of small villages connected by mass transit. Within these small villages, people could walk or bike to work, to school, to shopping, to entertainment, etc. Mass transit will combine these small villages within 15 miles radius into dynamic communities. Living in these villages will end gridlock traffic, will cut greenhouse gasses, will cut stress and isolation. Housing for all incomes will be included equally in each village.

We will encourage electric cars, fast trains, clean sustainable decentralized energy generators. I would shut down all nuclear generators.

I will destroy 10 percent of our nuclear weapons each year to reverse the nuclear arms race.

11. What about your political (institutions), social, economic and societal (civil rights, abortion, homosexuality…) positions ?

Government should leave marriage to churches. Instead, any two or more adults who have been living together for at least 2 years should be able to register as a “family.”

Government should stay out of religion, out of our personal decisions about who we can love, what we do in our private lives and with our own bodies. I will see that we will finally achieve real social and economic equality of possibilities for everyone by actively insuring the civil and human rights for all.

12. What should be America’s relationship with the rest of the international community ?

As an equal member of the global community. The U.S. has to stop seeing itself as THE WORLD LEADER or THE SUPER POWER OF THE WORLD.

13. Political fiction, again. You’re at the White House. Iran just acquired nuclear weapons, with abilities to launch them to Europe’s doors. It now threatens to launch one on Tel-Aviv if the Israelis don’t evacuate the territory under 48 hours. As the Commander in Chief, what do you do ?

I don’t do fiction. Things should never get to that point. I’ll work for a sustainable Israel and sustainable Palestine with the civil and human rights insured for all the inhabitants of both nations. In other words, my policies would be even-handed. I will join the rest of the world in pressuring Israel to live up to treaties, and to dismantle its nuclear arms. I will use the “special relationship” between Israel and the U.S. to motivate Israel to do this.

I will work for global shutting down of all nuclear reactors and dismantling all nuclear [and biological and chemical] weapons. I will start this in the U.S. All countries should be expected to live under the same rules….not one set for the “super powers” and another for the “developing” nations like Iran. I will push for a global development of clean, safe energy sources as alternatives to nuclear power.

But after saying all this, I am quite able and willing to confront acts of insanity with the unexpected which will be extremely effective!

14. What assessment do you make of George W. Bush’s presidency, and on which points will you be inspired or distance yourself from him ?

It speaks for itself!

15. Could you tell me about you day of September the 11th, 2001 ?

We watched TV news. We watched someone giving Bush all the power. The day before Bush was a political has-been…couldn’t get anything done. But by the act of mass murder, somebody gave Bush all the cards. Now this could be an act of political stupidity. But if the goal was to generate hatred for the U.S., then giving Bush all the cards was coldly brilliant!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: annie sprinkle
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: the interview

Frank. Really brilliant interview.
If only you could win presidency. The world would be such a better place.
Dreaming it is the start. well done.

From: Frank Moore
To: annie sprinkle
Subject: Re: the interview

thanks, annie! i/we are winning. the key is active dreaming…like writing me in on election day. the next step will be getting us qualified in every state to be a write-in candidate. i’ll need people in some states to be my electors.

also i need groups or whatever to speak to. SPREAD THE WORD!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

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