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the Swedes are coming…

From: “Dr Susan Block Institute”
To: “‘Frank Moore'”
Subject: RE: the Swedes are coming…

The Swedes are coming to Eros Day tonight!
I’m looking forward to playing with the “big puppy dogs” 🙂
Wish you were here, but we will be talking about you!
In Times of Darkness, We Must Make Light
In Times of Cold, We Must Make Heat
In Times of War, We Must Make Love
In Times of Thanatos, We Must Make Eros
And All Eros Day Night, We Must Eat, Drink, Dance, Sing, Swing, Squirt,
Spank, Suck, Fuck & Be Merry!
Amen * Awomen * Happy Eros Day!

Xo Suzy

Frank Moore wrote:

how did it go? can’t wait to hear!

i’m getting ready to send you forms, letters of intent, etc. we will need to fill out. where can i get your bio?

hey, that poem is a great campaign speech!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


From: Dorothy Jesse Beagle
To: Corey & Alexi
Subject: FM for PREZ

They know me (for one of their ‘little assistants’) at Progressive/DEM’s who have done a lot of good work and just selected ‘President’ by getting all our votes. So I sent them small info and the site for them to look up Frank Moore for Prez and explained he was making a lot of waves.

Corey & Alexi wrote:
The group Jesse is talking about is:

“liberal” do-gooder meddling beast

From: “Bethany Baylies”
To: Frank Moore
Subject: “liberal” do-gooder meddling beast

I agree 1000 percent with everything you say! Though I cannot say “I know what its like” I can say that I worked with children with disabilities (mostly mental health and some MR) and often their parents were also disabled. Now, as landlords, we purposely make our apartments family/pet/subsidy friendly to make sure that people who need a safe, nice place to live have it one of our buildings. Guaranteed income would make the “job” of being disabled or poor less demanding and make it more possible for people to work – be that in a job, volunteering, or being a really capable parent would make for a better society. Look at the countries with the highest standard of living – Norway, Sweden, Denmark – and you will see a literate, well-educated, healthy population that still has a class structure. People aren’t homeless, there are guaranteed transportation and healthcare systems, children aren’t living in poverty AT ALL, and almost everyone works – some have BMW’s and really nice houses and send their kids to private schools, but the point is EVERYONE lives better when there is a way for EVERYONE to live with integrity. If we, as a country and a world, are going to commit wholeheartedly to living by the dollar (as we have) then we must make sure that the dollar is fair. You are absolutely right that a guaranteed income and healthcare won’t cause inflation because they are the majors drains on our “economy” to begin with. (Ex: exorbitant, unnessacery medical costs for things that can be done at home, having to take jobs with a lot of rick (like construction) to get medical insurance and then getting hurt on the job, getting a mortgage when you have a job then losing the job, etc.) I dunno.. I just LOVED what you had to say!
– Bethany

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, bethany…there are a lot of models of what works….like how you rent. it’s obvious the system is set up to not work.

last week a tv crew from sweden came to our house to shoot a segment on me. in sweden at the begining of the year, you get a medical card. you pay the first $150. After that, everything…and i do mean everything…is free. we are being had bigtime!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Bethany Baylies wrote:
and wasn’t the artificial heart invented in Sweden? There are people that say that our “market” system of health care is what allows for such “great” innovation and invention – people are motivated to find new and better things to keep us well because of the money. But there is no evidence that Americans are healthier (certainly! look at the childhood obesity rate!) or that they get better care – all the evidence is to the contrary. Doctors (those not working for big pharma, anyway) are universally fed up with it too. The AMA is supportive of a single-payer system, though they do not spend their lobbying dollars much on the federal level (at least that is what I learned in college several years ago – things could have changed). – B

Frank Moore wrote:
i googled the ranking of the national health care systems…

In a 2007 comparison by the Commonwealth Fund of health care in the U.S. with that of Germany, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the U.S. ranked last on measures of quality, access, efficiency, equity, and outcomes.[18]

For example, U.S. ranks 22nd in infant mortality, between Taiwan and Croatia,[19] 46th in life expectancy, between Saint Helena and Cyprus,[20] and 37th in health system performance, between Costa Rica and Slovenia.[21]


In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Rev. Bookburn wrote:
do you have a link for the rankings and the stats you provided? that would be interesting to the Bookburners. big thanks.

rev. bookburn

Frank Moore wrote:

Disability Now magazine

From: John Pring
Subject: Disability Now magazine

Dear Mr Moore

Disability Now is the UK’s leading disability publication, with a circlation of more than 20,000 and a monthly readership of more than 70,000. We also have more than 30,000 people visiting our website every month. We have heard about your presidential campaign and wondered whether you would be able to write a piece for the World View section of our magazine. We would particularly like you to write a little bit about yourself and your running-mate, why you are standing, some of your policies and how your campaign is going. We would also like to hear about your policies on disability and maybe some of the barriers you have faced in your campaign as a disabled person.

We would need a piece of about 570 words and a good quality picture of yourself (ideally on the campaign trail) emailed to us by the end of January. The piece would be published on our website and in our magazine. I don’t know what the rules are on campaign contributions over there, but we can pay you about £125 for the article and picture.

I hope this is something you would be interested in doing. Please do let me know if you have any questions about the proposed article or our magazine.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,
John Pring

John Pring
Deputy Editor
6 Market Road, London N7 9PW

Frank Moore wrote:

this is exciting! i will do it. it may take me a week.

i am not affected by this nation’s campaign money law because i’m spending a few hundred dollars and getting much less in donations. the law’s threshold is $5,000. besides, you aren’t donating to the campaign, but paying for a piece. would you make the check out to inter-relations, our non-profit? and could you pay in dollars? banks here have started charging to convert.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


How about a graduated income tax
Dec 31, 2007 10:00AM EST
May Vote for You Then
Ranging from 5%-100%, with 100% rate topping off at $1,000,000. As to corporations: the cooperatizing and democratizing of them (with the government and their individual workers taking over management/ownership of them) so there would be no need to tax them. Dividends and sales of individual ownership would merely be added to individual income.

I value your vote!

My polices toward the corporations would have the effects you desire, but by a slightly different path which I think will be a little easier to pull off.

I want to get back to the guaranteed minimum income of $1,000 a month adjusted to the cost of living. It is meant to be a safety net rather than a replacement of work. I think most want to work…in an expanded concept of work. But to get a true feeling of what it would be like if you had to live on your minimum income, you have to crank in that you wouldn’t pay for health care, education, mass transit, etc. It all adds up. The combined minimum income couple…or a single parent with a child…would be $2,000 a month. This should provide a realistic basic living. This allows the single parent the option of being home doing the important work of raising a child. But free childcare provided by the universal free education system would open a whole host of new possibilities to the single parent.

The minimum income would encourage people to form the cooperative communal family [of all kinds] groupings who pool their incomes together…using their minimum incomes as a base to create more nourishing homes, to start and maintain small businesses. These communal groupings will be much more financially stable, emotionally nourishing, and environmentally friendly than today’s common isolating model of living.

It is all about caring and choice. If a senior wants to stay in her own home, the $1,000 a month will make that possible as will the home attendants provided by the health care system. This is also true if she wants to live with her family or in communal housing. This will actually be much cheaper than the scary mess we have now. The warehouse nursing home will be a thing of the past. Seniors will be an important, active element of every part of our society. We need everyone actively involved. We simply cannot afford on any level to warehouse portions of our population. It is a waste of potential!

Some people have expressed concerns that the guaranteed minimum income would drain people’s productivity. They ask why people would work. What they are really asking is why people would work without the whip of fear of hunger and poverty. They never ask this about the rich or the corporations, only about the working class and the poor. In reality most people want to work, want to contribute, want to improve their lives. Hunger, poverty, and fear drain productivity. If we are to survive, we need to end hunger, poverty, and fear.

The guaranteed minimum income will tend to keep wages in general higher and working conditions safer and more worker-friendly. This was also true for welfare and was the true root of the capitalist opposition to welfare.

The guaranteed minimum income will be very different from welfare. Everyone will get it. So there will be no stigma attached to getting it. There will be no red tape, no entrapping rules, no case workers drained of their humanity, and the rest of the demeaning rituals of enforced head-bowing associated with getting public assistance. The guaranteed minimum income will be something you get as a citizen, something you can depend on.

I get S.S.I., Med-cal, and money for a home attendant. People say they don’t mind the truly unfortunates who obviously can’t work getting welfare…but all of those lazy bums getting rich on welfare who could get a job…you know the line of thinking. Well, I am what they are picturing as the truly unfortunate. But in reality I can and do do many things. I can’t get a job, not because of my body, but because I would lose my S.S.I., Medi-Cal, and my money for a home attendant. This is an example of how the system is set up to not work and how the people get blamed for it not working. It is hard and scary living on so-called welfare. This is not true for me….at least not as much. I’m a punk, have built a support network of friends, doctors, etc. When I get a threatening letter [they are always threatening] informing me I must go to this certain doctor within two weeks to get a brain cat-scan [for which I would need to get knocked out] to prove I still have cerebral palsy or lose all my benefits, I with Linda can get on the phone and politely but firmly guide the over-worked case manager to turn the pages of my file to find the last yearly visit to check that a miracle hadn’t occurred. But most people in that position are much more vulnerable than I am. They are on their own, without a support network, etc. I don’t know how they survive. I know Nancy, a college student with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair, needing assistance with feeding, drinking, going to the bathroom, etc. She is determined to live independently. But her S.S.I. check is barely livable small. Her attendant hours [at minimum wage] are less than half of what she really needs. So she has to wait for a drink of water. She wears a catheter although it causes infection [hence will probably shorten her life]. To add insult to injury, there is a threat that her needed supplies will be unclassified as medical equipment and will no longer be funded. Because most doctors and hospitals do not accept Medi-Cal patients [because of red tape, low payment, and insane rules], she has to travel hours to the county hospital to wait more hours to be seen. But she keeps on doing what she has to do in order to stay in the game of life rather than being stuck in an institution…which would cost us much more than keeping her out with us. Out here, we can hear her poetry, see her perform. Most people on public assistance do contribute to society. They raise families, do art and music, push for change, etc.

The truth is the system is designed for failure, for easy scapegoats and decoys. As I am writing this, I see the governor of California is again threatening to cut S.S.I., Medi-Cal, home attendants, etc. Well, the web work of the guaranteed minimum income, a livable wage, the universal health care and the life-long education systems will be designed to work. And because everybody will be covered by this web work, this web work will be much harder to screw up!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Erika Shaver-Nelson wrote:
wow! beautiful!!!! personal, taking care of each other, spells out clearly and deeply what $1,000 a month would do for people, human, real, practical, loving each other into full expanded possibility!

Zazzle comment

Your product, Frank Moore For President 2008 T-shirt, has a new comment!

elfyboy said:
on January 12, 2008 at 2:03 AM

*Frank Moore for President* Nice design, pops out at ya! I read Moore’s platform on and liked almost every position advocated. Frank Moore makes sense to me (a lot more than the Dems or GOP, that’s for certain)!


this is really exciting because deep things like this win elections. and they keep coming in almost daily!

recently i tracked down [with the help of the great p.i., mr. lucky] my brother who has been missing for a few years since mom died. he called us x-mas day. we send him a package which included my platform. today his friends called asking if we would send them copies of the platform so they could give them out. these are not normally political people. they live from paycheck to paycheck working at a gas station. but the platform turns them on. their phone didn’t hang up. so we could hear them talking to one another about how they will campaign for me.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

The Independent Ticket: Frank Moore

By Jennn – Posted on January 8th, 2008

Everyone talks about “big change” this election: the first woman president, the first Mormon president, the first Black president, the first Hispanic president. Frank Moore aims to be the first president with cerebral palsy. Like FDR, Moore is confined to a wheelchair. He is unable to walk or talk, but he hosts his own public access talk show… and he can sure generate a lot of clamor about his offbeat candidacy! Read more>

letter I sent to the DisabledGreens group

From: Blue House
To: Frank Moore
Subject: the letter I sent to the DisabledGreens group

I sent this letter today to the DisabledGreens yahoo group … its moderated, so it doesn’t post automatically, and I haven’t seen it go up yet … but will let you know when it does …


Hi everyone,

I’m new to this group, and wanted to introduce myself by way of telling you about someone who I find very inspiring, and encourage everyone to check out his sites and see what he has to say. Not only is he a personal hero of mine, but he is a world-renowned performance artist and cultural hero. Frank Moore was born with cerebral palsy, is 61, and has been doing art and cultural/political muckraking since high school. He is also running for President! And his ideas are very good on environmental issues. Check him out! — presidential platform — art

I’ll end with a quote from one his campaign speeches that gives you a flavor of where he is coming from …

“Well, I have been running for president for about a year now. I started running basically because none of the prominent candidates are talking honestly and directly about the state of things, are committed to fundamental change, and have a clear plan to create a humane, sustainable, and just plain enjoyable society. So I took on that role. When everyday people in the ‘real world’ hear about my candidacy, they become extremely excited. They don’t see a performance artist in a wheelchair. They don’t check the odds of my winning. Instead they see someone who they could excitedly vote for’ somebody who shares their dreams, talks deeply about what really affects their lives. And then they read my platform. Then they got more excited at how possible it is to bring our dreams for our society into reality’ to remove fear and isolation; to get the boot of big corporations off our neck; to provide everyone health care, life-long education, a minimum income, and a livable wage; to restore our rights and freedoms; and to bring our troops home now! We everyday people know the real state of the union! But more importantly, we have the sense of what is possible! We need leaders who share our dreams and who do not sell us short. Or sell us out!

So for most of the year, I have been running way below their radar. A performance artist in a wheelchair ‘pretending’ to run for president is no threat’ just a weird piece of conceptual art. But now I’m beginning to be a blip on the radar. Just a blip, mind you. But it is amazing that we have gotten to the blip stage this early’ or at all! A blip who talks about the issues seriously and who gives real alternatives is dangerous. So the gatekeepers are beginning to say that I am not a ‘real’ or serious’ candidate. What they are really saying is that I’m not a part of the political system that has been corrupted by big bucks; that I’m not playing by the unwritten rules, etc. And of course this is true. It is one of the reasons why everyday people are excited about my running. That big bucks political system has been divorced from the everyday reality, hijacked by the addicts of obscenely huge profits. I am a real, serious candidate. I’m just working outside of their boxes. Outside of boxes is where the new possibilities are. Inside the limiting boxes is where political power is created. This is why the normal politicians stay in the boxes. This is why fundamental, humane change rarely’if ever’has come from power politics. I hope they keep saying that I’m not a real and serious candidate because each time they say that our blip gets brighter and more intense. I also hope they keep saying I am the candidate of the fringe, of the margins. Consider who they have marginalized’ the poor, the working poor. In fact, most of the labor force: the disabled, gays, seniors, the uninsured, women, the middle class, artists, family farmers, racial minorities, immigrants, etc. Hey, I may win by a wide margin!

True, I do have my problems. As one ‘art expert’ once wrote, I, ‘Seem to have a compulsion not to take no for an answer under any circumstances.’ I do have this disability of not knowing what is ‘impossible.’ So, I just figure out how to do it. When I was born, the doctors told my parents I had no IQ. Obviously the doctors were wrong. So I don’t pay any intention to the supposed limitations. I just do what is needed. When I was growing up, I struggled to get educated, struggled against discrimination and prejudices. I really enjoy the righteous struggle. This enjoyment of struggle gives me an advantage when struggle is needed. When Senator Jesse Helms tried to blacklist me, when the Berkeley City Council tried to ban my public access cable show’ there have been so many struggles! My enjoying righteous struggle has been a winning element. I also enjoy when struggle is successful. I’m looking forward to the huge struggle of taking away controlling power from the big corporations, of reclaiming the right and freedoms that have been stolen from the people of this country, of creating a new post-oil social order in which we will eliminate fear of getting sick, of getting old, of the future, of the Other.

In reality, as president, I will be able to do a lot to start the process of change. And I will! I get results! I deliver! But realistically, I will be working with a Congress full of people heavily invested in the old power system. I will need you! Writing me in on election day will be just the first step. I will need you to get involved in your local community. I will probably need you to put pressure on Congress’and on the press’to enact our dreams. It may take you coming to Washington DC a few times as you did for civil rights and to stop the Vietnam War. But together we will get this done! If it takes me throwing a giant party on The Mall every three months, then that’s what I’ll do!

It will be an exciting, fun four years! Just imagine a world in which somebody like you or me could really become president. Now keep imagining it and we just may win! Do not throw your vote away on a candidate who does not share your dreams, who is not committed to bring your dreams into reality! Go for it! It is the only practical thing to do because if we don’t go for it, we will never get what we need, what we want, what we are dreaming. Hey, it just makes sense’ right? So write in Frank Moore for President and Susan Block for Vice-President on election day! For more information, go to and”


— Corey & Alexi
Frank Moore for President 2008!

Dorothy Jesse Beagle wrote:

jesse DeBeagle

Small World (1/9/08)

today a swedish tv crew is coming to shoot us for 3 hours for a piece on me/us. yesterday linda and mikee went to the vet with cyb [who is 100% back!]. the tech person just happened to be swedish. she knows/loves the show. she said it’s an extremely popular, respected, and deep/up-lifting series of 2 guys, fred and filip, traveling around meeting people who are making a difference, living outside of boxes. wonder why they are coming here!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

New video Bicycles and Manual Wheelchairs: A short history

From: Keith Armstrong
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: New video Bicycles and Manual Wheelchairs: A short history

I do not have a vote in the US as I live in the UK, otherwise I would vote for you. Sometimes I mention you as a candidate on my You Tube comments.

In 1986 I stood in the local council election on a disability ticket and got 5.5% of the vote, 33 votes behind the Conservative candidate.

Emperor Claudius (the Roman emperor who conquered Britain) had cerbal palsy. He was one of the better Roman leaders who gave some property rights to women and rights to disabled slaves not to be killed by their masters.

Many thanks for the rating,

all good wishes


Check out

Frank Moore wrote:
hey, an emperor after my own heart! would you mention my candidacy to the disabled greens?

In Freedom,

Frank Moore

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