The candidate must file a list of 10 presidential electors and a “Declaration of Candidacy” in the following manner no later than October 21, 2008. The list shall contain one presidential elector from each congressional district and 2 electors from the state at large and the names of the candidates for president and vice president for whom they intend to vote, if elected.*

Because of the clause below, candidates do not actually need to file the list of electors to have votes counted.

Elections Division – Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

17 West Main Street, Suite 310

PO Box 2973

Madison, Wisconsin 53701-2973

Phone: 608-266-8005 FAX: 608-267-0500

* Compliance with this subsection may be waived by the board but only if the results of the general election indicate

that a write−in candidate for the office of president is eligible to

receive the electoral votes of this state except for noncompliance

with this subsection. In such event, the write−in candidate shall

have until on the Friday following the general election

to comply with the filing requirements of this subsection.