Candidates must file a “Certificate of Candidacy – Write-In Candidate General Election” with:


P.O. Box 6486

, MD 21401-0486


Toll Free 800-222-8683

A filing fee is NOT required for a write-in candidate.

The candidate may file the Certificate of Candidacy by mail. All required documents should be mailed together. It is important to note, the Certificate of Candidacy must be notarized.

Deadline is the Wednesday before the General Election,

October 29, 2008. If mailed, the appropriate election office must receive the Certificate of Candidacy by the deadline. Timely postmarked or faxed copies will not be accepted. Original

signatures are required. In no case will a filing be accepted later than
on Wednesday before the General Election.

Recommendation: It is recommended that a write-in candidate file as early as possible in order to appear on various candidate lists including the write-in candidate list on the sample ballots. Additionally, early filing enables the candidate the option to designate challengers and watcher at the polling place.