To become a valid write-in candidate for a state or federal office, an individual must file a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy no later than 30 days before the regular general election. The form for a write-in candidate for President is โ€œ2008 Declaration of Write-In Candidacy For The Office of President of the United Statesโ€.

Federal office candidates may file the declaration by mail or in person with the Lt. Governor’s Office (Room E-325 East Building, State Capitol Complex). Write-in candidates must meet the qualifications required for the state or federal office they are seeking. Filing the Declaration of Write-In Candidacy means that write-in votes for the candidate will be counted. The candidate’s name will not appear on the ballot.

There is no fee.

Instructions for write-in candidates living outside the state of Utah:

Obviously the form is set up for a Utah resident. How does an out-of-state applicant handle the following fields:

1) At the top it says STATE OF UTAH, County of ____________ If the
applicant is out of state, how should he/she adjust this section …?
2) In the body of the application, it refers to the applicants address — “I reside at ______, in the City of or Town of, _____ Utah, ” Again, how should the out-of-state applicant adjust this phrasing?

โ€œFor questions 1 and 2, you can cross out what is not applicable to you and replace it with the correct information.โ€ โ€“ Mark Thomas, UT

3) It says beneath the signature line that it “must be signed in the
presence of the filing officer”. Does the applicant who is mailing this
form just ignore that?
4) Can it be notarized by any official notary?

โ€œFor questions 3 and 4, it may be signed by any notary.โ€ โ€“ Mark Thomas, UT

5) The second page refers to a series of informational notices that the applicant is to have received from the “filing officer” — the first one is listed below, but the second two are not included. Can the out-of-state applicant get a copy of Section 20A-7-801 online to refer to, and a copy of the “pledge of fair campaign practices” so that those items can be checked off?

โ€œQuestion 5, once I received the completed form, I will call you and read the filing requirements to see if you meet those requirements.
Attached are the Statewide Electronic Voter Information Website Program and the Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices.โ€ โ€“
Mark Thomas, UT

6) The candidate will sign and date this second page and then the “filing officer” will sign and date it when it is received.

Mark J. Thomas
Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Utah State Capitol,

Suite 220

Salt Lake City, UT 84114
801.538.1041 (office)
801.538.1133 (fax)