A person who desires to be a write-in candidate may file a notarized “Declaration of Write-in Candidacy” with the appropriate filing officer. The Declaration of Write-in Candidacy must be filed no later than the day before the election.

Candidates for the office of President and Vice President, U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, statewide office, state Senate, state Representative, the Court of Appeals and Superior Court are eligible for inclusion in the official state Voters’ Pamphlet published by the Office of the Secretary of State. Candidate statements and photographs should be submitted with the Declaration of Candidacy at the time of filing. Specific information regarding fees, space, photographs and statement specifications can be found on the Declaration of Candidacy. The Office of the Secretary of State also provides information through electronic media, including the internet. Information regarding electronic voter guides is made available to candidates at the time of filing.

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