Elector Party at the Blue House

Saturday, June 28th, 2008, Berkeley, CA.

Elector Party


After Saturday’s electors’ party, we all were blown away. So many people came to sign up to be my electors…a wide range of people. They had an intensity of feeling which surprised us. Some said they wanted to be a part of history. Their seriousness was extremely striking…as was their hope. It was obvious that the campaign is even more important than we realized! Right now …after a neighbor couple who missed the party came to the door tonight with completed notarized forms…we are only a few electors away from being qualified in California. In other words, WE NEED YOUR FORMS!

What followed was amazing, non-stop ... It was good that we used the first few moments of the event to start notarizing Frank's state forms, because then began the steady stream of people who had come to be write-in candidates for Presidential Elector for Frank Moore! The mixture of David's pleasant official presence and Frank and all of us there, and the depth with which everyone came to the event to participate in this process which was hard to define ... altogether created an intensity that we all felt. It was so much fun, the house looked beautiful, the food was delicious! It was really fun to see people we hadn't seen for a long time, like Mark & Claire, Francine, Yusef, Bruce Fessenden... and to see our neighborhood come together, in a way, around supporting Frank's campaign. Like the guy David, who we know from just walking down the block, and Corey knew from BNG, got to talking with Lois, who he has just seen in the same context, but never talked with ... and then he was talking with Stefan, Yusef and Alexi about the Grateful Dead, since Alexi's new client was going to be David Gans ... they all had beefs with David for one thing or another about his Grateful Dead shows!!! (Yusef had an issue with his support of Deadheads for Obama, Stefan wanted him to play more than just the Grateful Dead!) ... It was so fun that Earlene made it over, all over Frank! David the notary was just amazing ... it felt like her really enjoyed the whole thing, really enjoyed the vibe, really really enjoyed Frank. Such a sweet guy! When Corey and he left Betty & Joe's at the end of the day, he said, "A really sweet couple." Corey told him how Betty is this devout church-going Catholic, but always wants to hear and see the videos of Frank's performances, which often involve nudity, Frank performing nude, etc. He smiled ... "Nude performances .. Good for him!"

It was so great that Yusef is going to do a LUVeR show, and that Lois would loan her LPs to LUVeR too! There were so many little moments that made the day so fun, so wonderful ... It was a lot of fun to get to show Mark & Claire the house, and JP and Ken, all of whom had never seen the inside ... And Claudia too at the end of the day ... she just loved everything.

It was really neat talking with Isobel ... we missed a lot of the conversation, but it was so neat when Frank told her that she was a good friend, and to hear about her Santa Cruz organic gardening experience, living in a tent for 6 months and gardening every day ... It was very intense how disappointing it was when some people realized that their picture i.d. had expired and they couldn't sign up to be Frank's electors that day. What a very deep day ...

I headed down to the BH I helped with the final bit of decorating and then setting up the food table. We had chili and corn bread that Alexi made, Linda made Asian slaw and we had macaroons and chips, an entire feast for the electors!!!! We decorated inside and out in red white and blue and Corey did quite a decorating job on the front of the fence where the Frank Moore for President banner is. We had signs for the event on both houses in case there were some passers by who wanted to come in to be an elector and have some food, and this worked, it picked up one of our neighbors Kathy who is very much into voting democratic but she said she was bribed by the food and would be an elector!!! David the notarization guy arrived first and enjoyed checking out Frank's paintings and the back deck and saying hello to cookie the cat. You were down in no time and we got started with Frank singing the out of state forms first. Then it was non stop people streaming in to sign elector forms, amazing just constant for over two hours and they spaced themselves out so there were hardly any gaps and when there was Frank would sign a few forms. It was the most notarizations that David the notary had done at one time before and he was happy to get the signed book of Chapped Lap poems that Frank gave him to thank him for all he has done for us, coming to three events so far and said he could come back again if we needed him after July!!!! The steady flow of electors included many of our neighbors and Gerald and Earlene, Stefan and Claudia, our firewood guy who had been in one the plays that Frank directed years ago, Francine, a guy Alexi used to work with, a few people that Corey works with, Jessie and Isobel, just a range of people from our life coming out to support the campaign and excited to do so saying that they wanted to be a part of history! A couple of people had expired ID's and were crushed that they then could not do it this time but would figure out how to get it done. Someone arrived late someone arrived too early for the notarization but several who did not make it were willing to go and get it notarized on their own!!! After everyone did their form they got a bumper sicker and a button and all the food they wanted to eat!!! Then David the notary stayed longer to do a few more, went down the street to do Betty and Joe's forms and then did a final one when he came back, wow!!!! At the end of the party we talked to Isobel for a while and heard about all the different jobs that she has had now working at the library and doing various gardening things as well including working for Full Belly for a while. When everyone had gone we counted up the number of elector forms for the day, 23, wow and then add that to our already 25 and we had 48, just a few short and we had people who did not make it who still could do it so we were almost all set!!!!!! Wow what a fun day, a fun event and lots of elector forms!


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