Read Frank's speech "Imagine The Possibilities"

What the Frank Moore for President campaign did ...

Watch the Platform Videos here.

Here is a link to the official election results:
Some states do not count the write-in votes unless they reach a certain percentage of the total vote, so we may never be able to get all of the results.

KALX in Berkeley ran a spot on Frank's Campaign and platform during the news. Listen here.

Frank was mentioned on the The Overnightscape Underground.
Listen here to the segment.
Visit the web site for the full show.

Listen to L'Idealiste, an audio collage created by Rafael-Alexandre Ramos featuring Frank's platform. in New Jersey did a segment on Frank. Listen here.

Frank (and logo) were featured in this Sacramento News & Review article.

We've compiled a blog with information on how to write-in Moore/Block in your state, "How To Write In Frank Moore For President in 2008".

We've created a map showing the states where Frank Moore is a qualified write-in candidate.

Our election forms were hand delivered to Sacramento! We are the first write-in candidates to do so in California! See photos here!

Colorado Confidential - Meet Frank Moore He Just Makes Sense

President of the United States of love

KPFA News ran a piece on Frank's candidacy and platform. Listen here.

We have compiled the "US Presidential Write-in Candidate Requirements for each State": writein2008/index.html

Compare my healthcare plan to those of John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton here.

An article on Ballot Access by Richard Winger.

German TV station, ran a photo and caption on their website. Here is a translation of the caption:
"Frank Moore can neither speak nor walk, he's been handicapped since birth. For the "Just make sense party" he wants to transform America into small villages and establish a $1000 minimum wage. His up to 48-hours lasting ritualistic sex performances made the artist famous in the 90s."
(thank you, dietmar, for translating!)

Section - Counterintelligence An article in Poland's Aktivist March 2008
Also read Frank's original interview. See the original layout in Polish here.

On A Roll To The Oval Office An article in the UK's Disability Now.
Download a .pdf of the article here (3.1mb)

Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President

Frank was recently filmed for Swedish TV! The show, 100 Hojdare, aka Filip & Fredrik will air on Swedish television sometime in March, April or May on Swedish Kanal 5. Watch it here:

Presidential Campaign Sunday
A visit to three different presidential campaigns on one fateful daystarring Hillary Clinton and Frank Moore and a t-shirt depicting Barack Obama. Oakland and Berkeley, September 30, 2007 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionaire

Frank was mentioned in an article from the Pittsburg Tribune Review
"Don't like Hillary, Rudy, Barack or Mitt? Try these presidential candidates"

Our houses made it into this great column in the sunday S.F. CHRONICLE.

A different kind of presidential candidate
Oakland Tribune Political Blotter 8.2.07

Finally, a Real Candidate for President
NYFA Currents 8.1.07

Frank's running mate will be Dr. Susan Block! "We mean business!"

Read an interview with Frank Moore on

Compare other candidates on the issues at

Meet the Also-Rans: The 'Just Makes Sense' Candidate
Radar Online: Fresh Intelligence

For more on his platform visit Candidate Frank Moore’s Blog